Our Client Experience

Everything we do builds from the “people first” foundation.

More than just words in a motto, it’s a credo we live by.   At a time when it’s hard to distinguish one insurance company from another, ASB Indiana is unique in the industry. ASB Indiana is dedicated to making insurance decisions easier, more informed, and highly personalized for our clients.

It starts with a conversation.   Whether meeting through a referral, a chance encounter, at an information seminar, our first contact begins an important, trusted relationship. Face-to-face communication allows agents and clients to build enduring partnerships.

    What keeps you up at night? Instead of asking “what insurance do you need” we take a step back to explore what worries you about the future.

    • Outliving my retirement savings

    • Dying unexpectedly
    • Worrying if I have enough health insurance
    • Draining my nest egg to pay for home health care or nursing home care

    We go to work to find solutions.
    Relationship-Based Contact Cycle:

    • Customer contact

    • Need analysis

    • Relationship-driven action steps

    • No sales required – we discuss options and give you a full understanding of the best protection and price for you.

    • Fulfill insurance inquiries, as requested.

    • Ongoing communication (whether the client acts on the opportunity or not) such as annual reviews, birthdays.